We have had amazing results with sensitive skin, however, it may not be for everyone.  Be sure to be gentle with the washcloth and avoid rubbing as it can cause irritation.  Gently wipe the skin and rinse with water after cleansing.  Skin adjusts and a little tingling from the product is normal for a few people.  The products have a super high grade of Vitamin C Ester, which might take some skin time to acclimate.   A couple of other things to note are:

  • This is a high-grade clinical line, so if you are currently using a treatment of any sort you should not mix. 
  • SUN SUN SUN!  Beware of the Sun.  As with any high grade clinical line, sun protection is key. 
  • The line has no animal-derived materials.  We are Nut Free, Gluten Free, Latex Free.  We do use a whey protein and milk peptide formula that is synthetic and modeled after milk protein.