Our fragrance is naturally-based with added synthetic, yet free of harsh chemicals.  To be  fragrance free it is usually necessary to add other things to a mixture to cover the scent of whatever ingredients are in the product.  There is also the route of having an all-natural product which are usually heavy in essential oils to mask other fragrances that are natural.  Essential oils can be too strong and can be difficult to replicate each time in a new batch.

Our products, however, contain both Natural and synthetic fragrance.  While some other brands might be full of toxic ingredients, our products do not.  We are proud to model our line after  European guidelines with no harsh or toxic chemicals.

While we considered using natural fragrances only during development, they do not hit all the fragrance attributes that were desired in the final products.  The final fragrance was customized for Bellame to establish a signature smell that has a complementary beginning, middle and top notes.

The scent was also formulated to dissipate after a few minutes.