A little goes along way.  The best way to use the samples is to separate them first and cut a small diagonal opening a the top corner.  Less comes out and it stays fresh longer.

ACQUA LUMIERE is a high grade clinical skincare line.  Be sure to always use sun protection when enjoying the outdoors.  

  1. Apply the cleanser directly onto dry skin.  Gently massage over your entire face. As cleanser melts into the skin, makeup and debris will loosen. Press a warm, soft washcloth into your skin and gently wipe away.  Splash additional water if needed to ensure all cleanser is off the skin. This is important because this amazing 3 in 1 cleanser doubles as a Hydrating Mask.
  2. Gently massage the serum upward and outward onto your entire face for 30 seconds.  Using the palm of your hands, complete this step by pressing the serum into your skin.
  3. Using your ring fingers, gently dab the eye cream outward and upward around the eye area.
  4. Gently blend the cream in a circular motion upward and outward on your entire face. It will feel different than your standard moisturizer, because it penetrates your skin and adjusts over time.  With each week of use, you will enjoy the results.

For best results, wait 1 minute in between steps and avoid getting product into the eye.