Our product line is Clinical grade, meaning the actual ingredients inside our products are formulated with clinical grade ingredients.  Each active is backed with clinical studies etc. But to take it a step further, there are different tiers of Clinical Grade, and our actives are the highest level that can be used in products without the need for a prescription/ or doctors office, so that our Partners can build their business in promoting our line.

Our product is formulated through a pharmaceutical lab.  The scientists and chemists, worked diligently on our formulas for 9 months to create a formula via clinical and patented ingredients that will deliver real results. 

The delivery system we use as well as one of the ingredients is patented and we have exclusive rights to it in Social Selling, it is used in some very top end Doctors lines that cost so much more.  What is exciting about our line, there really isn't anything in the skincare market like it.  It is the ultimate in luxury and results, without the harsh chemicals.