Each personal care product produced must have a preservative system in place to ensure the product from spoiling.  When we put together the initial 4 products, we wanted to avoid harsh chemical preservatives like Methylparaben and Propylparaben yet maintain an effective preservative system that would be non-irritating, yet effective.

The key to prevent fungus and bacteria (and yeast and mold) is related to a few factors, the most important being the integration of the effective non-irritating preservative system into the base product itself.  This prevents spoilage of the products by maintaining an environment that inhibits the growth of the microorganisms.  Additional, maintaining a sterile environment during the manufacturing and filling, with fastidious cleaning practices and training of personnel is a key component.  Lastly, choosing pristine raw materials that are standardized and sold by reputable vendors goes a long way in preventing the addition of any innate bio burden from the outset.