Vegan is something we do not state as there are different levels on which some consider it to be Vegan. One of the hottest debate topics is a great example. Some consider honey acceptable, yet it technically is made from bees so many do not. This is also the reason we allow potential consumers to see every single ingredient in our formulas so that they can make the best choice for them.

In addition, while none of our ingredients is animal derived, we do have a milk peptide and a whey protein in our moisturizer both of which are derived from a synthetic milk peptide meaning that it's structure is modeled after the protein found in milk. So because it is definitely modeled after that if someone is allergic to Dairy than we would ask them to speak to their doctor first. Usually, it is not a known irritant for people who can't have dairy, we always think it is best for them to check with their doctor.